Civic Education

Civic Education, simply defined, is the provision of essential knowledge and skills for a citizen to function effectively and responsibly in a society. This is particularly true in current Vietnamese society when the country is moving towards market economy and integrating to the world community.

The need for civic education has been on the rise not only in Vietnam, but also in the world since the 1990s. Even in the most advanced countries, such as the United States, Britain, Western European countries and Australia, centers for civic education have also been established by private organizations or universities to help equip their citizens with the necessary knowledge and skills so that they can function effectively in a free society. The need for civic education has been more critical in Eastern European or developing countries such as Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, and South Africa, etc. These countries also have institutes or centers for civic education.

Institute for Civic Education in Vietnam provides curricula that feature not only the essential knowledge of politics and government, and the civic virtues, but also active civic engagement through which students can learn the value of their participation in community and society at large and realize their potentials in generating accountability and social changes.