Course Description

  1.  Purpose: The purpose of the Civic Education course is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for a citizen to function effectively and responsibly in society.
  2. Format: The course is organized in the form of seminars. Participants and lecturers will discuss topics through the forum on the Moodle website. Once enrolled and approved, students only need to “log on” once a week to download the material and submit their work through the Moodle website.
  3. Rules: The following are the rules of CDH4301
    1. Students must attend regularly throughout the duration of the course by “logging on” at the classroom at least once a week.
    2. Students are expected to participate in regular discussions on the topic of each lesson, as per the questions listed in the unit.
    3. Students who are absent more than 3 times will be considered voluntarily absent from school and will no longer be able to enter the classroom.
    4. Respect differences in the views and opinions of others and use mild language when discussing.
  4. The Civic Education Program is free of charge to all Vietnamese participants who wish to attend, including the following:
    • * Moral Citizens (3 weeks + check)
    • Citizen Knowledge (4 weeks + test)
    • * Citizen Activity (3 weeks + check)
    • * Secondary Education Project (2 weeks)

Participants are considered to have completed the course when attending full classes, discussing the Forum and taking quizzes.

In addition, students are required to implement the Key Project to apply the knowledge gained in the course (optional). Students who compose a viable, and applicable, project in their communities will receive a $ 150.00 USD scholarship.


The $ 150.00 USD scholarship is only available to students who successfully completed the CDH4301 course, submitted the Project and are currently living in Vietnam.

Please tell the student the exact and correct address, as the scholarship will be sent to the student via the address indicated on the record.

ICEVN will continue to provide assistance and advice to the trainees when they practice the program themselves.

If you have any other questions then please contact us.

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