• The Business World According to Peter F. Drucker In turbulent times, an enterprise has to be managed both to withstand sudden blows and to avail itself of sudden unexpected opportunities. This means that in turbulent times the fundamentals have to be managed, and managed well.
  • Risk, Uncertainty and profit by Frank H. Knight The “practical” justification for the study of general economics is a belief in the possibility of improving the quality of human life through changes in the form of organization of want-satisfying activity.
  • How evolutionary is Schumpeter’s theory of economic development? by Witt, Ulrich Central to Schumpeter’s theory of economic development is the role of a promoterentrepreneur. The image of the entrepreneur who propels development has become a popular metaphor for the evolutionary approach, yet as has been argued, it draws a rather one-sided portrait of the source and driving force of the self-transformation process in the economy.
  • Starting a Small Business If you want to earn your own money, but are too young to take a part-time job or would prefer to be your own boss, these ideas will help you get a business started.

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