Course Description

  1. Purpose of the course: After completing the course, students will understand, practice, and apply the GRACE skills / values ​​to develop the qualities essential for personal promotion. GRACE includes: Gratitude, Respect, Accountability, Courage, and Engagement.
  2. Format: The course is organized in the form of seminars, participants and lecturers will discuss topics through the forum on the HVCD website. Students will submit assignments, depending on the subject, to the instructors via e-mail. The course consists of 6 weeks:
    • Week 1: Course Overview & Gratitude
    • Week 2: Respect
    • Week 3: Responsibility
    • Week 4: Courage
    • Week 5: Engaged
    • Week 6: Live by the values ​​of GRACE – Apply in life
    • Review – Submit the project to implement 5 GRACE values
  3. Rules:
    1. Students must attend regularly throughout the course of the course by “logging on”
    2. Students must attend regular discussions on the topic of each post, based on the questionnaire
    3. Send the assignments of the instructor’s mailbox on schedule.
    4. Students who are absent more than 3 times will be considered discontinued and will no longer be allowed to attend
      come in Class.
    5. Respect differences in opinions and opinions of others and use language
      Gentle discussion.
  4. Certificate of Achievement: After completing the course and successfully completing the course requirements, the Citizenship Academy will issue a Certificate of Achievement to the trainee.
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