Course Description

    1. Purpose
      • After completing the course, students will:
        • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of businesses
        • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of businesses
        • Understand and apply the concepts of governance
        • Understand and apply concepts of management and strategic leadership
        • Understand the importance of business ethics and apply in your own business
        • Draft a business plan for any project.
    2. Format: The course is organized in the form of seminars, participants and lecturers will discuss topics through the forum on the HVCD website. Students will submit assignments, depending on the subject, to the instructors via e-mail.
      • Course consists of 5 weeks:
        • Week 1: Overview of the course
        • Week 2: The Concept of Management Part I
        • Week 3: The Concept of Management Part II
        • Week 4: Management and Strategic Leadership
        • Week 5: Business ethics
        • Course Summary and Assessment
    3. Rules
      1. Students must attend regularly throughout the course of the course by “logging on” at the classroom at least once a week.
      2. Students are expected to participate in regular discussions on the topic of each lesson, as per the questions listed in the unit.
      3. Send the assignments of the instructor’s mailbox on schedule.
      4. Students who are absent more than 3 times will be considered disciplined and will no longer be able to enter the classroom.
      5. Respect the differences in opinions and opinions of others and use the language in a gentle manner when discussing.
    4. Scholarship: ICEVN has a limited number of scholarships available for ENT1301 students who have completed all course requirements and will be considered according to their needs and circumstances. For more information, contact the instructor upon completing the course. ENT1301 students will receive a $ 50.00 USD scholarship upon completion of the course requirements (including the completion of the Project), and a $ 100.00 USD scholarship for the outstanding completion project. Students enrolled in the ENT1301 course who complete the course requirements without submitting the PROJECT only receive a certificate of completion.
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